As the face ages it loses its fullness, becomes more hollowed in areas, collagen breaks down forming fine lines and wrinkles, and facial bones begin to shift. A youth-full face is depicted by an inverted triangle with the fullness across the temple and cheek areas. Over time, as the fat pads begin to slip and the skin become more lax, the lower half of the face becomes more full, or the face begins to narrow, looking longer and more drawn. One of the best ways to hit the refresh button on your appearance is by replenishing the volume your skin has lost.

It’s hard to believe but by the age of 20 the collagen in our face is already beginning to break down, and by age 50, there is a 30% reduction of overall collagen, a fibrous protein deep in the dermis that gives structure to the skin and supports functions of elastin and hyaluronic acid (HA). Elastin is an elastic protein that maintains the skin’s shape, gives it its snap. Hyaluronic acid cushions and lubricates to keep the skin hydrated. More collagen enables the presence of more elastin and HA, which is the key to maintaining younger looking and acting skin.

Injectables are ideal for restoring the youth-fullness to your face, or for creating balance by augmenting cheeks, lips, jawlines, chins and temples. Let’s face it, not everyone is born with perfect symmetry or ages at the same rate. Even if you have had a surgical procedure to restore your youthful appearance such as a facelift, or a non- surgical procedure like a FracTotal Facial, Injectibles will enhance your face’s youthful appearance. Injectables, administered correctly by a licensed professional with an artistic eye and years of training, can enhance your beauty in as little as a one-hour office visit.

Our philosophy at Anton MD is plastic surgery so natural you can keep it a secret and this applies to our non-surgical procedures, like Injectables, as well. Duck lips, lumpiness, and overfilled facial features are not the signs of natural beauty we strive for. Our goal is to create balance in your face by using the right product in the right area and in the right amount. This process begins with an aesthetic consultation with one of our experts to assess your facial structure, your aging process, your desires and even your budget. At Anton MD we offer a variety of Injectables and our aesthetic experts will discuss the best option for you.

Many patients inquire about a “liquid facelift”, which involves the use of numerous fillers used to treat all the aging conditions of the face including skin laxity, fine lines, deep wrinkles, hollows, and loss of contours. Our aesthetic specialist can discuss the pros and cons to a “liquid facelift” versus a surgical facelift.


Sculptra is a Poly-l-lactic acid filler that creates volume by stimulating the skin’s own natural collagen production to help restore its inner structure and increase facial volume that has been lost due to aging. Sculptra differs from other HA fillers and Radiesse in that it requires several treatments (up to 4 depending on the age of your skin) to achieve the optimal results. Sculptra is used to correct shallow or deep for cheeks, temples, and jawline areas that become hollowed with age. All fillers to date are absorbed by the body over time, but Sculptra can last up to 25 months. Obviously, the results will not be the same over its duration and often maintenance injections are desired.

Treatment area(s)

Deep facial wrinkles, chin wrinkles, temples and total facial volume.

Who is a Candidate

Anyone concerned with facial aging, deep wrinkles, skin laxity or those who desire more prominent contours of the face. Some medications, lifestyles, and medical conditions may be contraindicated, restrict or prohibit treatment.

What to Expect

Treatment area(s) is numbed with a topical numbing cream for 30 minutes before the treatment begins. Sculptra can be administered through a cannula (a small, blunt-tipped needle) or injected deeper into the bone. Both processes are made comfortable by the numbing cream and the steady hand of the injector. Ice packs are offered during and after treatment for added comfort. Additional treatments would be scheduled three weeks apart. Most patients require three to four treatments for optimal results.

Downtime and Recovery

Following treatment the face will remain numb for several hours. Slight bruising and swelling can occur but will resolve in 3-5 days. To minimize bruising, patients can apply direct pressure to the injection site for ten minutes following treatment. Some tenderness in the treated area is normal but resolves within 3-5 days. In the case of jawline injections, the jaw may be sore and feel tight for a few days after treatment. Daily massage is required in treated area(s) for the first 5 days following treatment.


Sculptra results are gradual and will require multiple treatments. Immediately following treatment, the treated area is more voluminous, and deep wrinkles reduced. Three to five days later, the volume disappears, as the skin’s natural collagen network is set into motion. By the end of the treatment period, full volume in the treated area(s) is achieved.

How long do results last

Sculptra is clinically proven to more than two years (clinical trials ended at 25 months). However, each body absorbs Sculptra at its own rate. People with a fast metabolism, and athletes can expect to absorb Sculptra more quickly. For best results, protect skin by limiting sun exposure and applying a physical sunblock daily, such as CORE made in the shade or Elta MD. In some cases, Botox may enhance Radiesse’s results and longevity.