Forma Face and Forma Body

If you are looking to lift and improve your skin’s overall appearance with smoother, tighter skin and a more radiant glow but don’t have time for downtime, then Forma Face and Forma Body are the perfect treatments for you. Forma Face and Forma Body are radio-frequency (RF energy) technology that provides optimal tissue contraction in the deep layers of the skin for the face and body, respectively. RF is a relative newcomer to the aesthetic practice of treating aging skin. RF works by heating the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the skin, which stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin, for a substantial and long-lasting improvement in skin elasticity.

Not all RF devices are created equally

The two most critical components for the effectiveness of any radio frequency modality is uniform heat delivered over a period of time. If you have tried RF in the past, or if you have heard about it from your friends, there are  mixed reviews as to how effective it is for tightening the skin. Many of the earlier RF mono-polar devices offered a less predictable outcome because they were not able to heat the dermis to a consistent temperature over a long enough period of time without causing pain, risk of burns, or other adverse effects. Forma Face and Forma Body is cutting edge, bi-polar technology that utilizes real-time temperature-monitoring mechanisms, assessed by measuring tissue impedance, temperature, and epidermal contact throughout the treatment. This allows the device to continuously monitor the targeted tissue, and adjust the delivery of the RF energy to create a uniform heating exposure. The device is then able to maintain this constant uniform heating exposure for prolonged periods of time.

All our packages include home care products from our medical grade skin care line, CORE, by Anton MD. CORE stands for Correct, Optimize, Renew and Exfoliate. Forma Face and Forma Body can also be used in combination with other treatments like Lumecca, Fractora, and Injectables for those seeking total, non-surgical face and body rejuvenation. During your complimentary skin care consultation, your concerns will be addressed along with other considerations such as budget, lifestyle, plus long and short-term beauty goals.

Forma Face or Body Rejuvenate Package

  • Includes a package of 6 treatments/area – scheduled 1 week apart
  • CORE skin care products: lux

Treatment Area(s):

Face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, abdomen, legs, knees

Who is a candidate

Any skin type on the Fitzpatrick Scale presenting with skin laxity, or dull skin that has lost is luster. Results vary depending on the degree of skin laxity. For those seeking optimal results without surgery, other procedures may be recommended in conjunction to Forma.

What to expect

Before treatment patients are advised to drink plenty of water to help plump the skin and ready it for receiving the higher temperatures needed for optimal results. A light cleansing of the skin prepares it for treatment. No numbing cream or other pain relievers is necessary. Treated area(s) will feel a deep, warm massage that most patients experience as relaxing. Patients report no discomfort during the 30-minute treatment process. Heat can be adjusted based on tolerability.

Downtime and recovery

The treated area is pink to slightly red immediately following treatment but typically subsides within an hour. Sunscreen and makeup can be applied immediately following the procedure. Sunscreen is advised at all times when skin is exposed to sunlight, including indirect sunlight such as driving.


There will be a subtle improvement in skin laxity immediately following the first treatment. It is important to complete all six Forma Face or Body Rejuvenate treatments in the recommended time frame for optimal and longest lasting results. After the six-week treatment period, skin will be noticeably more firm, smoother, and more radiant. Having smoother, tauter, more radiant looking skin significantly reduces signs of aging so skin looks and behaves younger and more vibrant.

How long do results last

After completing your series of treatments, your skin will be noticeably smoother, more taut, and healthier looking. The key to maintaining the great, non-surgical results you get with the Forma Face or Body Rejuvenation package is limiting sun exposure and protecting your skin with a physical sunblock such as CORE, made in the shade, or Elta MD and purchasing the Forma Maintenance package, one treatment every three months for a year. With the proper sun protection, Forma and Pro-Forma is suitable for people with all people looking to maintain their youth.

Add on Treatments

Forma Maintenance package

After you complete your Forma series for facial rejuvenation, you can maintain the improvements to your skin’s tone and texture with a package of four annual treatments. This package is the perfect touch up to keep your skin looking and acting more youthful. The Forma Maintenance package can also be used to maintain the results of surgical procedures such as a facelift, or non-surgical procedures like Fractora, and CO2 laser resurfacing.