Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are an effective, non-invasive procedure for treating aging skin (fine line and wrinkles), uneven pigmentation, melasma, tone, texture and acne scars. Even today’s most aggressive peels are safe, pain-free, and require minimal downtime. At Anton MD Aesthetics our peels are customizable to address your skin’s needs and the amount of desired downtime. We compound our peels on site with Vitamin A for collagen stimulation and Arbutase LC for brightening.

Our peel package includes your home care products from our medical grade skin care line, CORE, by Anton MD. CORE stands for Correct, Optimize, Renew and Exfoliate. Chemical peels can be used in combination with other treatment options like Injectables for those seeking total facial rejuvenation. During your complimentary skin care consultation, your beauty concerns will be addressed along with other considerations such as budget, lifestyle, plus long and short-term aesthetic goals.

Micronage Peel package – $499/area

  • 1 customizable chemical peel treatment
  • pre and post-peel facials
  • CORE products – gentle clean, raindrops, Elta MD

Treatment area(s)

face, neck, decollete

Who is a candidate

Good for all skin types on the Fitzpatrick Scale. This is the perfect peel for patients with persistent melasma, a hormonal condition caused by sun-damage that cannot be treated with IPL or laser. It is also good for patients wanting to clear acne and improve the scars it can leave behind. The Micronage peel addresses all symptom of aging skin including increased pore size, dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation.

What to expect

Step One: This three step process begins with an exfoliation facial two weeks prior to the peel to prepare it for the Mirconage treatment. The purpose of the pre-peel facial is to remove the top layer of the skin called the stratum corneum so that the Micronage solution can penetrate the skin deeper for optimal results. You should expect a light flakiness after the facial but no major downtime. The medical aesthetician will first cleanse your face then exfoliate with either micro-dermabrasion, dermaplane, or an enzyme mask depending on your skin type and skin sensitivity. This will be followed with a light chemical peel such as lactic acid. Before leaving the office you will schedule your Micronage Peel for one to three weeks later.

Step Two – This 30- minute, medical=grade peel begins with a deep cleanse using the Skin Degreasing Solution. You will discuss your desired results with the aesthetician who will then customize your peel with Vitamin A and Arbutase LC for skin brightening. Once the face is dry, the medical aesthetician applies the peel in sweeping motions across the face. You may feel a slight tingling but most patient report no discomfort during this process. You will be instructed to leave on the peel solution for a minimum of 2 hours. Up to four hours is optimal for best results. Your face will appear slightly yellow and sticky to the touch. It is important to avoid all sun exposure during and immediately after your peel.

Step Three: – Two to three weeks following your Micronage Peel you will receive a post-peel hydration facial. This facial includes a light exfoliation to remove any remaining dead skin cells from the Micronage followed by a rich hyaluronic-acid Raindrops Masque. Once the masque is applied you will be placed under the LightStim, a super-powered anti-aging light therapy, for up to 30 minutes.

Downtime & Recovery

There is little to no downtime from either the pre or post peel facial. After the Micronage peel however, the skin will be slightly pink to significantly red for up to 3 days following treatment. On day 2, your face will feel very tight and may turn a reddish brown. Peeling generally begins on days 2 or 3 around the corners of the mouth. Skin may be flaky or peel off in sheet-like strips. It is important not to pick at or pull at the peeling skin but allow it to fall off organically, which typically takes up to 5 days.


The Micronage peel package leaves skin looking fresh with a natural glow, more even skin tone and an overall smoother appearance. Micronage is safe enough for multiple treatments or with other combination therapies such as Injectables, and CORE skin care products.

How long do results last

The key to maintaining the results you get with the Micronage Peel Package is avoiding sun exposure, especially immediately following the peel as skin is sensitive. It is also important to continue with a home care regime and incorporate products like CORE, illume, for skin rejuvenation, brightening and collagen stimulation. Monthly facials will also help to maintain the significant changes you see with your skin as a result of the Micronage Peel package.