NeoGraft FAQs

Q: Who is a good candidate?
People in good health who have sufficient donor hair on the back of the head are good candidates. The denser your hair, the more density and fullness you can expect from the procedure. Each follicular unit contains 3-4 hairs. Neograft is perfect for both men and women. It is also available to camouflage the scar left from strip procedures.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: The transplanted hair grows in cycles just like the rest of your hair. After the transplants, the grafted hair will be shed within 2-3 weeks, and new growth will begin 3-4 months later.

Q: How long will the transplanted hair last?

A: The new hair will last for life, but hair loss doesn’t stop so you may need future hair transplants, and possibly hair loss drugs for maintenance and to prevent further hair. Dr. Anton will discuss this with you. The grafts are harvested in the areas resistant to genetic hair loss, so when transplanted they will grow normally and are not susceptible to genetic hair loss.

Q: How long does it take to heal form the procedure?

A: Healing only takes about a week to ten days. The hair from the donor location should grow back in about two weeks.

Q: When will the use of Platelet Rich Plasma be recommended?

A: PRP is used to enhance the donor and recipient scalp to support hair growth. WE many also recommend the use of Rogaine and Propecia to help the graft hair to grow and stabilize.

Q: Does my head or donor area have to be shaved?

A: Yes, the donor area must be shaved. Regrowth depends on your hair cycles. Generally, hair grows about one half an inch per month. So, it will take about two weeks for the hair to grow enough to cover the donor site. The hair will regrow to your preferred length. In the interim you can ask your hair stylist to trim your hair in order to blend the donor site with the surrounding hair.

Q: When can I get a haircut?
We recommend that you wait until all the scabbing is gone to get a haircut. You may want to have a short hair cut all over, so the grafted hair grows out along with the rest of your hair. Wait at least 2 weeks after your procedure.

Q: My hair is falling out after the procedure. Is this normal?
Yes, this is completely normal. The transplanted hair will naturally shed within the first few weeks after the transplant. This is normal. Hair loss of the normal hair in the recipient area is rare. PRP injections, Propecia and Minoxidil may be recommended.

Q: If I need another NeoGraft procedure, how long must I wait?
: We recommend waiting 6-8 months after the first procedure, because you may find that you do not need additional sessions! this allows time for the transplants to enter their growth phase. It can take 12-15 months for full growth of transplanted hair.

Q: What are the risks associated with NeoGraft?

A: There are some potential risks that are associated with all FUE procedures including infection, bleeding, and allergy to the anesthetic. These are rare. The greatest risk is having the procedure from unlicensed or untrained technicians or doctors who are not skilled and experienced. Then the risk is the use larger punch sizes that can leave scars because it is easier than smaller punch sizes that minimize scarring. Another risk is over harvesting in the donor area. Another is rough handling of the grafts that can cause the grafts to die and fall out because they have been damaged during the procedure. In the hands of an experienced surgeon hair restoration rarely cause complications.

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