NeoGraft Procedure

Neograft is a hand-held device used to perform Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and can accomplish all that manual FUE does with more precision, and no risk of punch scarring in the donor area. It is efficient and cost effective in the hands of Dr. Mark Anton and Dr. Peter Ebizadeh. Neograft is a significant improvement over manual FUE.

The procedure is minimally invasive FUE that does not require stiches, staples, sutures or use of a scalpel. Recovery is quick with minimal discomfort. You can regain your natural hairline and fill in those thinning and balding areas!

Your personal hair transplantation plan

The most important step is planning before your procedure. Your Strand MD surgeon will create an artistic hair transplant plan that is designed specifically for your needs. This plan takes into consideration the angle, direction and orientation of the hair. And it is the map for your hair restoration procedure. Optimal results are achieved when your natural hair growth patterns are respected and restored along with maximum density.

The procedure

The areas to be treated are numbed, and shaved.


Donor hair is extracted at the back of your head where the hair is resistant to pattern hair loss.

NeoGraft uses negative pressure to precisely and rapidly extract each follicle intact with the same consistency in direction, angle and diameter. This consistency significantly increases graft survival and the take rate- the rate at which the implanted grafts take hold in the bald or thinned areas.


The extracted follicles are collected, laid out and separated by size. Following your artistic hair transplantation plan, the recipient sites will be prepared.


The follicles are transplanted into the balding and thinned areas. Each follicular unit is transplanted individually.

Drs. Anton and Ebizadeh are experts who understand beauty, and the subtle distinctions and artistry that create the most natural-looking results. They and their experienced team are dedicated to providing you with confidence boosting, youth enhancing results. When you are concerned about your hair, contact Strand MD in Newport Beach, California to schedule a consultation and learn about your options.

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