Scar Revision with NeoGraft

If you have had strip hair restoration, you will have a large linear scar at the back of your head where the donor hair follicles were retrieved for implantation. Can the scar be camouflaged?

Yes. There are several options. Sometimes, all three options may be combined for optimal results. And, it is important to have realistic expectations. We can camouflage the scar, but we cannot make the scar completely disappear. We can make it less noticeable to the casual glance.

  • The scar can be surgically revised. This is beneficial when the scar is wide and would be improved with surgical revision.
  • FUE grafts can be transplanted into the scar, if there is adequate blood supply.
  • Scalp micropigmentation(SMP) can help to hide the scar.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE alone may be helpful if the scar is thin and soft. Steroid injections can soften the scar and prepare it for FUE. You only have a limited number of follicular units and your Strand MD surgeon must determine whether the hair that will be needed for scar revision will limit grafts that may be needed in the future to address the progressive hair loss from hereditary balding.


Micropigmentation is a great way to hide these scars. It is less expensive and doesn’t limit the option for FUE in the future.

Micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that tattoos tiny dots on the scalp to mimic the appearance of stubble on a shaved head, and can replicate the appearance of a hair line. It can camouflage hair transplant scars, birthmarks, scars and hair loss. The results are immediate and permanent. It is perfect for men with short hair and for women with alopecia. It is not a good option for men who like to keep their hair long.

Optimal results are dependent on the skills of the medical tattoo artist and the type of ink used. Micropigmentation can help you feel better about yourself, improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.

The only way to determine your options is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Anton or Dr. Ebizadeh at Strand MD in Newport Beach. They will conduct an examination to evaluate the scar and determine whether you have an adequate blood supply for hair grafts to survive. They will also evaluate whether surgical revision or micropigmentation are good options for you.

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