Balanced Beauty is our signature program for balancing inner/outer beauty with health which includes Life Coaching. We have discovered that plastic surgery is often a doorway for someone who is looking to make life more beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Everyone wants to live a beautiful life. Sometimes, change is necessary to create the beauty within ourselves, our relationship with others and the world. Our certified Balanced Beauty Therapist can help you establish goals, recognize and remove obstacles and provide the tools you need so that you can achieve the changes you desire to live more beautifully.

Balanced Beauty Therapy (BBT) focuses on how to create or uncover a more beautiful, happy life. Let’s face it, at the root of having the life you want is achieving the happiness you desire. So often everything we need to be happy is already in our lives, but our perceptions seem to block our view. BBT teaches that what you think and feel affects your aging process, vitality, beauty and ultimately your entire life. Our Balanced Beauty Therapist, Tracy Panzarella, is a Certified Life/Health Coach from the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M) and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who works with you to create your personalized Balanced Beauty plan.

About the Procedure

Many of our patients desire to improve their health, their life path or eliminate an emotional pattern that no longer benefits them. For others it is learning to adjust to life changes as they occur, many of which are part of the aging process.

Balanced Beauty Therapy is a one on one, 30 minute to 1-hour session that is goal specific. A variety of self-awareness tools and techniques are incorporated into a customized program designed to help you achieve your individual goals and desires. Topics vary but may include:

  1. Stress Reduction
  2. Cravings control and other dietary sabotages
  3. Defining your happiness factors
  4. The wheel of whole living
  5. Acknowledging and acting on your purpose
  6. Child rearing
  7. The aging process
  8. Building better more sustainable relationships.
  9. Learning to live an authentic life
  10. Letting go

Change is beautiful. Whether you want to change your mind, your body or your health, empowering yourself with the right tools gives you the confidence you need to look and feel more beautiful.