Skin Care Products

CORE Restore is our signature facial rejuvenation program that addresses the signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles), volume loss, pigmentation, pore size, acne, tone and texture with a variety of modalities including CORE Skin Care Products. Our signature skin care products address every skin type and most skin conditions from acne to fine lines/wrinkles, tone and texture. CORE products are pharmaceutical grade, produced in an FDA-approved lab where each individual ingredient is tested for efficacy. CORE Skin Care Products can safely and effectively be used in combination with other CORE Restore therapies, and CORE Facials for optimal results. One of our trained Medical Aestheticians can assess which course of treatment is right for addressing your beauty concerns.


Before beginning the CORE Restore program, our Skin Therapist analyzes your skin using Canfield’s VISIA Complexion Analysis. This highly specialized camera captures the true age of your skin and helps determine the skin care procedures and products best suited for rejuvenating your face based upon the principles of the Youthful Skin Pyramid. VISIA also allows our technicians to quantify the difference being made in your skin’s health after treatment.


Core stands for Correct. Optimize. Renew. Exfoliate.


Squeaky clean foamy cleanser is perfect for acneic or problem skin. This medicated cleansing foam contains 2% salicylic acid combined with glycolic acid to fight blemishes and keep skin clean and clear.


Everyday clean is a favorite face wash if you want a glowing, refreshed appearance.

  • Made with 10% glycolic acid for enhanced exfoliation
  • Suitable for all skin types except for sensitive/redness prone.


Heavy whipping clean facial wash is suitable for those who have more sensitive, dry, or red skin, but want a healthy, dewy glow.

  • This creamy cleanser helps moisturize dry skin with lactic acid
  •  Ideal for patients using products or procedures that can dry the skin


Eye candy is a high-potency combination of ingredients including anti-oxidants, peptides and emollients specifically designed to address the special needs of the eye area.


Porefection is our acne safe, oil-free moisturizer for skin prone to breakouts. It’s an elegant, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, preservative-free formula.


Raindrops hydrapeptide gel is a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid-based gel enhanced by vitamins b3, b5 and peptides.

  • This unique combination is designed to enhance skin moisture and reduce the appearance of photoaging and dry skin.
  • Can be used layered underneath other products for added moisture or alone for those with oily skin.
  • Great for post-procedure skin.


Va-va-volume is a skin ‘revolumizing’ lotion made to smooth wrinkles and hydrate parched skin.

  • Works by bringing water back into the skin using anti-oxidant vitamins c, e and ferulic acid along with hyaluronic acid.
  • Moisturizes while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and creating softer, smoother skin.


The neck’s best thing is a cream created specifically to target that often forgotten area; your neck and décolletage! Formulated with hydroxypinacolone, anti-oxidant vitamins c, e and ferulic acid, and skin enhancing peptides to smooth and improve texture.


Made in the shade is our silky-smooth facial sunscreen. Made with titanium and zinc oxides along with the powerful anti-oxidant, melanin, this sunscreen won’t leave your skin shiny, sticky, or smelly.


Clear up gel is made up of a 10% glycolic acid in a light-weight fragrance- and paraben-free serum.

  • An ideal exfoliator for patients with normal, combination and oily complexions
  • Contains soothing evodia and licorice extracts

Bye bye breakouts is designed for patients with more mature or sensitive skin.

  • Contains 2% salicylic acid and 0.2% retinol
  • With a silky, elegant texture, this product helps absorb excess oil and leaves a matte appearance on the skin surface


R&R 50 & 100 are retinols perfect for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, battling sun damage, and creating or maintaining a smooth, flawless texture.

  • Available in both .05% and .1% strengths
  • Fragrance and paraben free
  • Causes less irritation than other retinol creams


Illume is our best-selling skin lightening cream.

  • Made with a unique combination of kojic acid, vitamin c and hydroxy acid to brighten skin
  • Can be customized with arbutin and retinol for advanced skin lightening and brightening
  • Paraben free


Skin envy is an awesome product to use in conjunction with your retinol products.

  • Containing high-potency vitamins c, e and ferulic acid, this product is great in providing exfoliation and antioxidant benefits
  • Fights the look of sun damage and aging
  • Best used on alternating nights with your favorite core retinol


Zen gel is the perfect antioxidant product for those with sensitive skin. Made with vitamin c and vitamin e, this gel is perfect for use with retinoids and to calm post procedure skin.


Fresh face pads are a gentle exfoliating toner pad used to refresh skin and combat breakouts

  • Fragrance and paraben-free


Red carpet ready is our at home ‘peel in a jar’. These once or twice weekly peel pads are a high-potency combination of alpha (glycolic, lactic) and beta (salicylic) hydroxyacids which, when used regularly, can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation


Lux cream is a skin renewal system made to refresh stressed skin with a unique synthesis of cell turn-over enhancers and robust anti-oxidants

  • Gentle enough to use daily