Breast Implant Revision - Case 1

50 year old woman, 5’2”, 110 lbs, breast implant revision, implant exchange, Newport Beach, CA

This patient wanted a breast implant revision because her implants had gotten hard. She had her original breast augmentation done in Mexico and has had three revision surgeries since then. Her left breast has Baker Grade III capsular contract and her right breast has Baker Grade IV capsular contracture. She desires softer breasts with fullness on top. Before this procedure she had in 460 cc smooth gel implants. For this procedure she had bilateral full submuscular capsulectomies, removal of her original implants, and placement of Mentor MemoryGel Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile silicone gel 500 cc implants with suture closure of left medial cleavage space and layered closure along the inframammary fold. These photos were taken two months after her surgery.

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