Breast Implant Revision - Case 33

56 year old woman, 5’3″, 108 lbs., hypoplastic breast, breast implant revision, Newport Beach, CA

This patient came to see Dr. Mark Anton in Newport Beach because she felt that her breasts were asymmetric. She originally had an implant placed in left breast because it was significantly smaller than her right breast but after going through menopause she felt that her breasts were asymmetric again. She wore a 34 B cup and wanted to be a natural looking C cup after surgery. Dr. Anton suggested adding an implant to her right breast and exchanging her left implant for a bigger one to optimize her breast contours. Dr. Anton removed her original ruptured implant, revised the scar capsule, and placed a new Allergan SRM 240 cc implant on her left breast. He then opened up a space for the implant and placed an Allergan SRM 210 cc implant on her right breast. These photos were taken 2 months after her surgery.

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