Facelift - Case 14

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This patient had a full facelift and eyelid surgery at the age of 67 because she felt like her “face is melting,” specifically her eyes and neck bothered her. She did not do any botox or facial fillers before surgery. She had a full facelift at the SMAS (sub-muscular aponeurotic system) layer. This deeper layer is made of more inelastic, fibrous tissue that can hold the tension when elevated and repositioned. This layer is key to a natural appearing facelift as the overlying skin was then re-draped with minimal tension, giving her the most natural results that last the longest. Her incisions were made in the hairline and follow the inside crease of her ear and behind her earlobe, making the scars hidden and unnoticeable. She also had an upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to remove the excess skin and give her eyes a more open and refreshed look. She also had a fat transfer to her cheeks, alar triangle, later lip triangles, and to her upper and lower lips to add more volume to these areas. During surgery she also had a CO2 Fractionated Laser around her mouth to help resurface the skin and soften the fine lines. These photos were taken 2 months after her procedure.

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