Facelift - Case 3

63 year old woman, 5’3″, 133 lbs, Facelift, Upper and Lower Eyelids, Chin Implants, Laser, Newport Beach, Ca

Procedures: Facelift, Quad Blepharoplasty, FaceTite, Chin Implant, Fat transfer to cheeks, Fractora, CO2 Laser

Post-Operative Photos taken at: 4 months

Consult – Before coming to see Dr. Mark Anton, this patient had not had any previous plastic surgery treatments–surgical or non-surgical– including Botox, dermal fillers, lasers or peels. Prompted by her son’s upcoming wedding, she was interested in making a dramatic change. In addition to being concerned with signs of facial aging, the patient wanted to inquire about a chin implant to improve her profile. After an examination and consultation with Dr. Mark Anton in his Newport Beach plastic surgery office, it was determined that the patient was a great candidate for a face and necklift with FaceTite, chin implant, upper and lower eyelid surgery, Fractora plus CO2 laser for skin resurfacing and collagen/elastin stimulation, plus fat injections to her cheeks.

Surgery – On the morning of surgery, Dr. Anton met the patient in the pre-op room at Starpoint Health surgery center for skin marking In surgery, Dr. Anton first placed a small implant in the patient’s chin to create better facial balance and symmetry. He then performed a Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) facelift to lift and tighten loose and sagging tissue in the forehead, mid-face, and the lower face/neck. The SMAS is a thick, fibrous tissue that is dissected and lifted to create a very natural looking facelift. Dr. Anton does not cut under the chin (signs of an older style facelift), and sture the platysmal muscle together. Instead, he tightens the neck by elevating the SMAS and playsmal muscle from behind.

Once Dr. Anton had lifted and sutured the SMAS into place, he then draped and excised the excess skin before carefully suturing around and behind the ears for a minimal scar facelift result. FaceTite–a state-of-the art minimally invasive radio-frequency (RF) procedure that shrinks and tightens internal tissue—is incorporated into the facelift procedure along with liposuction for facial contouring. The patient’s own fat was harvested and filtered for 1 cc of fat injection into each cheek. Fat is frozen and preserved for follow up injections in the office.

Next, the excess skin was removed from the patient’s upper and lower eyelids to create a natural, more youthful, more refreshed appearance. To address hollowness under the patient’s eyes, Dr. Anton repositioned the fat pad by bringing the fat up and sewing it to the orbital rim. Finally, the patient received Fractora, an RF (radio frequency) microneedling procedure to improve skin textural irregularities, shrinks pore size, and stimulates collagen/elastin. Fractora was followed by a light CO2 laser peel resurfacing that further improves tone, texture and vibrancy of her skin.

Post-Op Recovery – The patient spent the first night at an aftercare surgery center in Newport Beach. Facelifts are the only surgery that Dr. Anton performs that requires drains, one behind each ear. The drains are removed the following morning along with the head wrap that is replaced with a neck wrap to be worn for the next 7 days, 24 hours per day. The day following surgery the patient had very little swelling and minimal bruising. She reported her ears being tender but no other pain. After one week of healing, the majority of her sutures were removed and the only bruising remaining was to the left eye. Before her three month post-op visit, the patient attended her son’s wedding. Not only were her scars so minimal that she could wear her hair up, but her results so natural that no one suspected she’d had a facelift, though she received many compliments on how beautiful she looked. Following surgery the patient has had one additional fat transfer in-office with the frozen fat that was harvested during surgery.

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