Facelift - Case 4

59 year old woman, 5’4″,  Secondary Facelift, Newport Beach, Ca

Primary Concern: Facial Aging

Procedures: Secondary Facelift

Post-Operative Photos taken at: 1 month

Consultation – This fifty-nine year old female patient had a facelift with Dr. Anton ten years prior and felt ready for a second facelift. She came to Dr. Anton complaining of signs of facial aging, including sagging skin in the neck, jowls and cheek area.  After an examination and consultation with Dr. Mark Anton in his Newport Beach plastic surgery office, it was determined that the patient was a great candidate for a secondary face and necklift.

Surgery – On the morning of surgery, Dr. Anton met the patient in the pre-op room at Starpoint Health surgery center for skin marking. During surgery, Dr. Anton performed a Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) facelift procedure to lift and tighten the loose and sagging tissue of the patient’s lower face/neck, and mid-face. The SMAS is a thick, fibrous tissue that is excised and lifted to create a very natural looking facelift. Once Dr. Anton has lifted and sutured the SMAS into place, he then drapes and excises the excess skin before carefully suturing around and behind the ears for a minimal scar facelift result.

Post Op Recovery – The patient reported virtually no bruising and minimal swelling immediately following surgery. Sutures were removed after one week.

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