Selecting a Plastic Surgeon

The decision to have plastic surgery is a personal one. Selecting a plastic surgeon that is best for you is crucial. It is difficult in this age of spin media to differentiate between hype and true substance. Please consider the following list of characteristics and achievements to ensure that you have optimized your search for substance.

ABMS Board Certified in Plastic Surgery.

“Board certification” in plastic surgery infers significant achievement in the world of American medicine because it is a Board recognized by the ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties). This organization only recognizes 24 Boards, and there is only ONE board they recognize which covers cosmetic (aesthetic) and reconstructive plastic surgery of the entire head and body. This is the Board of Plastic Surgery. The ABMS does not recognize any board of cosmetic surgery.

Keller Funnel Certification SealTo even be considered for training in an ABMS approved plastic surgery residency, one needs to have completed an ENT residency, an orthopedic residency, or 3-5 years of a general surgery residency. All these requirements have been deemed necessary by the ABMS to ensure the highest quality of certified plastic surgeons. After this training, the plastic surgeon needs to pass rigorous written and oral boards before being conferred the title of “Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.” Find out more about our doctor certification program

Dr. Anton is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Extended Fellowship Training in Plastic Surgery.

After completing an ABMS-sanctioned residency in plastic surgery, most plastic surgeons go directly into practice. A chosen few, however, go on to complete extended training programs in various plastic surgery specialties. There are fellowship training programs for ABMS board certified plastic surgeons in facial surgery, breast surgery, microvascular surgery, etc. Fellowships are often 6 to 12 months in length and provide an opportunity to study one particular field in extensive depth and breadth.

Dr. Anton completed a Fellowship in Facial Surgery and second Fellowship in Breast Surgery, one of the few surgeons in the country to have done so.

An Exceptional Sculptor Who Knows His Medium.

Plastic surgeons are essentially three-dimensional sculptors whose medium is human tissue. The better a surgeon understands the biology and anatomy of all human tissues, the better he can move these tissues to create different desired contours. Plastic surgeons move tissues to recreate normal shapes in reconstructive surgery and to optimize shapes and overall aesthetic balance in cosmetic surgery. These aesthetic and technical skills are transferable from one anatomic area to other anatomic areas. Therefore, a plastic surgeon should be equally able to create an aesthetically balanced face as a breast or any other area of the body. A plastic surgeon either has these skills in all areas or he does not.

Dr. Anton graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University with Special Honors in Biology and achieved the highest grade in Anatomy in medical school.

Dr. Anton can sculpt all aspects of human anatomy equally well, as evidenced by his postoperative plastic surgery photos.

A Surgeon Who Achieves Great Surgical Results in All Areas of the Body

It is a misnomer that a plastic surgeon that specializes in one area of the body is a better choice than a surgeon who specializes in all areas of the body. You want a board certified plastic surgeon who is comfortable and distinguished in all realms of cosmetic surgery. If you are considering a breast augmentation then make sure you are choosing a surgeon who also has great facelift results. Dr. Anton is one of the only surgeons in the country to have completed fellowships in both breast and facial surgery.

A Surgeon in Whom You Can Trust.

You are essentially looking for a surgeon in whom you can trust your life and appearance. This must start with a surgeon who believes in approaching his patients with honesty and integrity. Second, you must have faith in his aesthetic and technical judgment to optimize your postoperative result while minimizing the risk of a poor outcome.

Dr. Anton’s revision rate is 95% lower than the national average, and he has had no compensated medical malpractice lawsuits in the past 20 years.

A Surgeon Who Listens.

During your consultation with Dr. Anton he will discuss the results you can realistically expect from your surgery and the risks associated with that surgery. He will never promise more than he can deliver. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and explain how to maximize an agreed upon surgical goal while minimizing the risk. His critical thinking skills combined with his technical and aesthetic judgment are the reason his patients put their trust in him.

Dr. Anton has earned the trust of his patients, which is evidenced in the number of referrals he receives every year.

A Surgeon Who Operates in an Accredited Facility and is Respected by Staff Members.

Dr. Anton operates at the Starpoint Surgery Center in Irvine, California. A multi-investor owned facility, Starpoint ensures the highest standards of safety and sterility. The operating nurses and staff at Starpoint respect Dr. Anton because of the quality of work he produces and the ease with which he operates. Many of the operating nurses have referred their friends and family members to Dr. Anton. To read more about Starpoint Surgery Center, please visit

Starpoint Surgery Center is an accredited facility. Dr. Anton maintains close relationships with the surgical and office staff at Starpoint as their confidence is critical to his work.

A Surgeon Whose Practice is Driven by Results, Not Advertising

It is sometimes difficult in this world of hype media to know what is real and what is an exaggeration. Over the years, Dr. Anton has chosen not to let a publicist or media machine speak for him, but rather to let his work speak for itself. He focuses his practice on achieving the surgical results his patients expect and he expects of himself.

Dr. Anton does not rely on hype – just great results as documented in his photo gallery. 

A Surgeon with Minimal Complications and a Low Revision Rate

Dr. Anton boasts a stellar track record with regard to patient satisfaction. Since he started his private practice in 1990, he has a less than 1% revision rate in over 4,000 cases. Much of this is due to his skill, training and experience; it is also because he is a surgeon who cares and takes the time to learn about his patients and educate them so that he can meet their surgical needs.

Dr. Anton has one of the lowest revision rates in the country and one of the highest patient satisfaction rates.