The Team

Newport-Beach-Balanced-Beauty-TherapistTracy Panzarella

Practice Coordinator/Balanced Beauty Therapist

Before joining Anton Aesthetics, I worked as a journalist in the entertainment industry. Beauty was always one of the most colorfully discussed topics, especially when the topic was plastic surgery. With so many options available for improving and maintaining one’s physical beauty, the bigger question is often who can I trust and who is the best plastic surgeon for me? I love that at my job I get to talk to patients about enhancing their personal beauty and their lives through plastic surgery. It is with great pride and confidence that I can tell them Dr. Anton is one of the premier plastic surgeons in the world. Trust me, I’ve done the research.


Tammy Craft-Huntley, RN

Aesthetic Nurse Specialist
I have been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years. The majority of my career was spent in the operating room, which is where I met Dr. Anton. I instantly recognized that he had the most exceptional, beautiful & natural results across the board. I’ve always thought, “If you want to know who the best surgeon is, ask an operating room nurse.”
For the past 6 years I have worked exclusively for Dr. Anton as his office nurse. I am blessed with the opportunity to work with happy patients and staff members led by such an extraordinary surgeon.


Danielle “Danni” Fitzsimons

Patient Coordinator/Skin Therapist

As a graduate in Psychology, I always knew I wanted to work with people. After meeting Dr. Anton, it became clear I wanted to apply my people skills and educational background to a plastic surgery practice. I have to admit that before working at Anton MD Aesthetics I wasn’t familiar with the psychological aspects of plastic surgery. Now I understand that beauty is a very personal issue and how one looks affects how they feel about themselves and their life. I love that I get to be a part of someone’s personal transformation process. I’ve met the most wonderful people here at Anton MD Aesthetics, not only our patients, but also my co-workers. As the Clinical Coordinator I look forward to meeting you at your initial consultation and following your progress from pre-op to post-op.