Tips for Getting the Best Facelift Results

Your recovery is an essential part of your facelift surgery. The first two week post-op period is the most important in the recovery process. You can not engage in any activities that raise your heart rate or blood pressure such as: Bending Over Lifting Climbing Stairs Any form of exercise Emotional stress Walking the dog… read more

How much water should you drink a day?

Why is my water consumption important? Are our bodies in a drought? Dehydration is a common ailment that most of us aren’t even aware we have. In fact, water is the most common nutritional deficiency in the American population. You may even see the signs of it etched in your skin. When it comes to… read more

Face-Off: Which Facial Rejuvenation Procedure is best for treating the signs of aging?

Sandy, a 47-year-old patient, walks into the offices at Anton MD Aesthetics in Newport Beach for her plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Mark Anton. There is a mixture of excitement and anxiety on her face as she begins to tell Dr. Anton her reasons for seeking his professional advice and services. I look in the… read more

An About Face – A FaceTite Patient Experience

One of the perks of working for a board certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach CA is that sometimes you get to be the patient. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Anton performed the FaceTite non-incisional skin tightening procedure on our aesthetic nurse, Tammy and Practice Coordinator Tracy in his Newport Beach office under light… read more

While doing a Tummy tuck, can it also remove my enlarge mons pubis area?

Question I am interested in a tummy tuck after weight loss surgery. But I also have a large mons pubis ( top fatty vagina area ) can this also be cut or will I have to have lipo? From: Evie1985 Answer from Dr. Anton A full abdominoplasty will often include liposuction of surrounding areas including… read more

How to Enlarge the Size of the Nipple?

Question I have very small nipples…even slightly inverted at times. I would like to make them larger both in diameter and length if possible, and for them to maintain erected. Is this possible? What procedures? What are the physical risks? From: Pjrose Answer from Dr. Anton Hello Pjrose – Inverted nipples can be made to… read more

What is a less expensive alternative for facelift?

Question I’m 45 and I’ve developed very pronounced nasolabial folds. After some research I decided fat grafting is my solution. I sent out my pictures to a few doctors. Apparently I need a face lift. I also got some quotes. I’m only a teacher and I’m in no financial situation to indulge myself with such… read more

Can I get the look I want (500cc) when I have very little breast tissue and a slightly uneven chest wall?

Question Will I be able to achieve the look I want? I’m guessing I’ll need 500-600 cc because of how small I am. My measurements are 28,24,33 and I’m 5’8″ 110lbs. Would you recommend under the muscle and if so why? And will round or shaped implants give me the look Im trying to achieve?… read more

Sugar: The bitter truth

I hated what my mother made us eat when we were kids. Homemade raw, unsalted sunflower butter. Shaklee protein shakes. Cinnamon cottage cheese melted on whole-wheat bread. Bean sprouts sandwiches. Hardly the kind of kid food you see in school lunches today. Try trading a bean sprouts sandwich for a bag of potato chips. My… read more

Fooling Mother Nature: Non-Surgical Radio Frequency Treatments

Tighten, Brighten, and Lift Without Surgery Aging is a natural part of life. Plastic surgery done well is looking natural through the aging process while defying the laws of nature. Today, there are surgical and non-surgical options for “aging gracefully”, aka looking fabulous without anyone knowing what you’ve done. This month our Beauty Transformation subject is one that is… read more

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