Can Hereditary Hair Loss Be Cured?

Sure, bald is beautiful. Even more beautiful? Having a choice in the matter. When you don’t have a choice about losing your hair, it can be harder to let go of those luscious locks. Bald happens. Luckily, you do have choices. Hereditary hair loss can be treated. Though there is no cure…yet…for baldness. There are… read more

Hair Transplant FAQs

Hair transplant density after FUE. Is this normal? I received a hair transplant around 10 days ago and I’m not sure how happy I am with the density. Is this a standard density from an FUE procedure? Will it look better once it grows out to length, or will it look weird next to my… read more

We excited to announce StrandMD

In partnership with Dr. Peter Ebizadeh, Dr. Mark Anton and Anton Aesthetics has launched StrandMD. StrandMD is a full service hair loss solution clinic in Newport Beach. From understanding the science of hair loss and preventative treatments to hair restoration, StrandMD is poised to become the leader of hair restoration in Newport Beach and Southern… read more

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