How to Enlarge the Size of the Nipple?

Question I have very small nipples…even slightly inverted at times. I would like to make them larger both in diameter and length if possible, and for them to maintain erected. Is this possible? What procedures? What are the physical risks? From: Pjrose Answer from Dr. Anton Hello Pjrose – Inverted nipples can be made to… read more

What is a less expensive alternative for facelift?

Question I’m 45 and I’ve developed very pronounced nasolabial folds. After some research I decided fat grafting is my solution. I sent out my pictures to a few doctors. Apparently I need a face lift. I also got some quotes. I’m only a teacher and I’m in no financial situation to indulge myself with such… read more

Can I get the look I want (500cc) when I have very little breast tissue and a slightly uneven chest wall?

Question Will I be able to achieve the look I want? I’m guessing I’ll need 500-600 cc because of how small I am. My measurements are 28,24,33 and I’m 5’8″ 110lbs. Would you recommend under the muscle and if so why? And will round or shaped implants give me the look Im trying to achieve?… read more

Sugar: The bitter truth

I hated what my mother made us eat when we were kids. Homemade raw, unsalted sunflower butter. Shaklee protein shakes. Cinnamon cottage cheese melted on whole-wheat bread. Bean sprouts sandwiches. Hardly the kind of kid food you see in school lunches today. Try trading a bean sprouts sandwich for a bag of potato chips. My… read more

Fooling Mother Nature: Non-Surgical Radio Frequency Treatments

Tighten, Brighten, and Lift Without Surgery Aging is a natural part of life. Plastic surgery done well is looking natural through the aging process while defying the laws of nature. Today, there are surgical and non-surgical options for “aging gracefully”, aka looking fabulous without anyone knowing what you’ve done. This month our Beauty Transformation subject is one that is… read more

New Year, More Beautiful You

Anton MD Aesthetics is launching Beauty Transformation, a monthly educational campaign aimed at informing our patients on how to look and feel your very best at any age – inside and out. Maybe you can’t turn back the clock to when you were in your 20s, but there are plenty of treatments to slow down your aging process. When… read more

How to Save Sun-Damaged Skin

Summer is officially over. You might be noticing a few more irregularities in your skin or having to wear more makeup to cover up the signs of too much fun in the sun. Fall is the perfect time to treat sun-damaged skin. At Anton MD Aesthetics, we have the right Combination Therapies to treat the unwanted signs… read more

Operation Smile Mission Impossible – Record breaking 161 surgeries

Just like this summer’s hit movie, Dr. Anton’s recent Operation Smile mission was full of adventure, fun, and challenges. As some of Dr. Anton’s patients know, he was recently involved with a mission to Wenshan, China located in the southern Yunnan province. This was his fifth mission since first meeting Operation Smile founders Dr. William… read more

July 14- Meeting the Op Smile Crew

July 14th – Some members of the team have begun rolling in to the Kunming Hotel. All total there will be 75 members on this mission. The number of volunteers and the organization it takes to complete a mission is staggering. The fact that Operation Smile can coordinate about 125 surgeries in just 7 days… read more

July 11th- Headed to Wenshan, China for Operation Smile!

We had not even left LAX yet and the mission to Shanghai was aborted due to a typhoon, the largest one in 35 years or so. We were rerouted through Hong Kong then on to Kunming, where the team meets Wednesday morning before heading to Wenshan. All total, it will take three days of travel… read more

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