Who is a Candidate for a Facelift?

Dr. Anton, who is a candidate for the triple layer facelift? Most any woman who comes in that has concern with sags and bags of the face they are a candidate for that. Now oftentimes we will won't have to do the whole the subcutaneous plane, but I would say ninety percent of time we will do a full triple layered lift. Because this triple layered lift is just so nicely detailed and get such a great result should a patient come in may be at their first signs of noticing the sags and bags for this triple layer facelift or should they wait, or able to wait, until they're in the later process of the sags and bags before they have it done? The ideal plastic surgery patient is someone who is already very comfortable with themselves, has saved their money, when it has found a doctor they're comfortable with, and want to give themselves a gift nothing more nothing less. You can actually truthfully have as many faceless as you want, you can't afford to have one bad one, so you have it when you're ready for it. Some people that's at 50 45 or 50 some people it's 55 60 and some people it's a little bit later.

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